The Villages of Kapolei Association Dues are $42.00/month.  The following Villages have a Roadway/Driveway Assessment of  $5.00; Iwalani, Malanai, Nehoa, & Makali’i; and $9.00 for  Kekuilani. Dues can be paid at the Villages of Kapolei Association’s Office located at 91-1111 Kama-aha Loop during normal business are M-F hours from 9-5. Payments are due on the first of each month. Late payments will incur a $25.00 assessment after 15th of the month regardless of when it posts from your account. Please plan your payment to arrive on the first of the month to avoid late fees.  We accept cash, checks, and all major credit/debit cards.  We take credit/debit card payments over the phone.

We also use a coupon booklet that is mailed out each December for payments. These have your individual account information which you can use to mail  your payment to the processing center. This year we are only issuing 6 coupons to go green hoping that the majority of homeowners will opt for online payments through TOPSone payment portal for recurring checking or savings payments. This payment system will have no fees!

We also utilize Mutual of Omaha’s Drop box payment system. You may set this up through your banking, checking, or savings account without a fee or you can use a credit/debit card that may have fees associated.  Be sure to check out the fine print to know when all transactions will take place.  Late fees will be assessed after the 15th of the month for $25.00 by VOKA.

We will be updating the TOPSone information soon.